A History of Commerce: A Practical Course in Miracles 2

Soar Home

by Wade Starr

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PURPOSE: To find out WHERE you are.

• Provides a history line from the Bible and Magna Carta to the "revised constitution"
• Looking up key words in the dictionary will be a major part in this course
• There will be charts and diagrams of key issues which one must duplicate by demonstrating your knowledge to your fellow classmate

FINAL PRODUCT: The ability to find out where you stand and to know the difference between a fiction and fact. To know where you are at this moment in time.

The purpose of this second course is to help you determine where you are. In order to do this we begin deep in history, where we came from. Please be patient with the Biblical references because you will begin to recognize the outlines of an allegory by which you can understand deeply the situation today. So, we begin with history found in the Bible and continue forward to present time.

You'll find that there is a common thread woven throughout our entire history and that thread is commerce, the merchant, the money-changer (banks), the law merchant, i.e., the law of commerce, civil law and maritime law.

This is not to say that commerce is bad. It does, however, say that commerce brings with it the laws of commerce. Wherever commerce goes it brings laws that bind people into slavery. This can happen only if the people agree with it.

Banks create money today out of thin air; then, they charge, we, the people, interest on their creation. Merchants, who produce nothing, sell our produce for a larger profit than is received by the producer. This can happen only if the people agree with it.

Thereafter, the merchants and the bankers create laws, through lawmakers whom they control, that protect commerce and bind the people to obey. This can happen only if the people agree with it.

The only reason this occurs is that we do not handle our own affairs.

This same scenario has happened for more than 4000 years throughout our history.

There is value in turning around and looking at the past to uncover movements of men in other ages, because their behavior in that setting is known, then the real meaning of the movements of men today are exposed. The patterns of history help us put together the puzzle of the present so that we can understand it.

"If we consider the shortness of human life, and our limited knowledge, even of what passes in our own time, we must be sensible that we should be forever children of understanding, were it not for this invention, which extends our experience to all past ages, and to our improvement in wisdom, as they had actually laid under our observation. A man acquainted with history may, in some respect, be said to have lived from the beginning of the world, and to have been making continual additions to his stock of knowledge in every country"   David Hume: London Of the Study of History at page 390 (1898).

Have fun on this journey through history and then you can determine for yourself where you are.

Chart and Recent Time Line of Rights

The American colonies gained independence by force of arms and asserted their rights for the entire world by the Treaty of Peace in Paris France after the Revolution, by writing Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation were replaced by a completely new system of People's Law under a written constitution. But all this was founded on the evolving polity and awareness of mankiind.

1787 || Constitutional Supremacy: The American Founders established a new kind of republic based on a system of "Constitutional supremacy".

1776 || The Articles of Confederation and State Supremacy: The Articles of Confederation were adopted, providing for individual state supremacy" and a committee of the states functioning as a national congress.

1721 || Parliamentary Supremacy: Parliament chose a Prime Minister who adopted a cabinet and selected all chief administrative officials with the King's consent. Thus, the British established a republic structured on "parliamentary supremacy"

1265 || Evolution of Parliamentary Power Power developed Principle of  no taxation without representation; All laws by consent of Parliament; ability to impeach King's officers.

1215 || Magna Carta The great struggle to restore freedom began with King John signing the Magna Carta that guaranteed: The people have unalienable right; The King must also obey the law.

1066 || Ruler's Law: Freedom and natural rights were lost when England was conquered by the Normans in and became subject to Ruler's Law.

A.D.450 || People's Law:
The Anglo-Saxons extensively developed People's Law

History of the law structure in America

From Genesis to Present time

.This second course is to help you determine Where You are. Where you are in terms of your country, the laws of your country, where and how the laws of today's forum of laws came about.

Answer the following questions:

This second course is to help you determine Where You are.  Where you are in terms of your country, the laws of your country, where and how the laws of today's forum of laws came about.   

Answer the following questions:  

           Were you born in the UNITED STATES? 

            Do you now live in the UNITED STATES? 

            What is the soil beneath your feet called? 

Write your answers out in your note book and save to compare these with your answers after you finish this course. 

            Go to the Chart and Recent Time Line of Rights that's directly before this first page.  Study that chart carefully.    

" DEFINITIONS" .  Read and define each word, as indicated, in a standard dictionary (STD), Black’s Law Dictionary (BLKS) or a Hebrew/Greek dictionary (HEB/GRK) such as a Strong’s Concordance.  Write out the appropriate definition to the right of the word including the derivation. Then demonstrate your understanding of the word to a classmate. When your classmate can see that you understand the concept of the word then they will write their initials next to “Demo”. See example below:

History (STD): acts, ideas, or events that will or can shape the course of the future.

Derivation: Greek - historia, learning or knowing by inquiry.  


Government: (STD) 

Demo ______ 

            Do not proceed until you have completed the above.   When you have finished the above exercises, let's begin our journey through the pages of our history. 

            Look back at the "Chart and Recent Time Line of Rights".  Let's begin to briefly analyze each step in that chart.  Begin at the bottom of the chart and work your way up to the top. 

                                                             IN THE BEGINNING 

Define the following: 

Genesis (STD): 

The root word for 'Genesis' in  is KIN.  In the Greek it is GI. In   Sumerian, KI, and means of the earth; the origin. 

Bible: derivation byblos - book, Byblos, a Phoenician city from which papyrus was exported. 

Hebrew (STD): Hebrew (HEB): From the line of Eber - 6 generations before Abraham. Eber: to cross over. 

Sumer (STD) (Sumer was the land of Shinar.  Babylon was a city in Sumer).    

Babylon (HEB) means confusion; to overflow; to mix: to feed cattle (Goy) 

Moses in Hebrew transfers to the Chaldean - Mosheh:  to pull out of the water.

            (Perhaps, to pull out of the system of maritime commerce; of slavery?) 

Israel (STD) Israel (HEB): He who rules as God 

Counselor (Ezra 4:5): Hebrew word meaning to advise, deliberate or resolve, devise.

                  (same as the meaning of Attorney of today) 

Define: Heir, Inheritance. 

4000 BC - Genesis has been translated from Sumerian scripts that have been unearthed only decades ago in recently discovered Nineveh and other areas of the Tigris/Euphrates area in the mid-east. These ancient scripts recorded on baked clay tablets date back to a civilization that was highly educated, incredibly organized and socially advanced. 

2123 BC. Abraham, grandfather of the Israelites, was originally from the ancient city of Nippur and later moved to Ur (both major cities of Sumer). Abraham was then told to move to Haran under supreme guidance and finally to Canaan where the Promised Land was to become his children's inheritance. 

2023 BC - Isaac, son of Abraham, is born  (Genesis 21:5) 

2000 BC.- Babylon flourishes in the land of Sumer (Shinar) Babylon had a modern system of life with canals to irrigate their land for agriculture, indoor toilets, city sewage systems and public restrooms. They  had a city to city postal system with baked clay letters and  envelopes.  Further,  Babylon had a judicial system where judges wore black robes, just as they do today.  Then, because of their idols of gold and silver, they began to fall into disgrace but continued to rule through fiction until they were destroyed.  They  had a system of Commerce that included coined money (banks), receipts, titles, seals, signing and merchant law which evolved into Roman Law, then into Civil Law and later became Maritime Law. 

1963 BC - Jacob (Israel is born) (Genesis 25:26) 

1890 BC.- Joseph, Jacob’s son, sold into slavery to Egypt. (Genesis 37:2) 

1833 BC - Israel sojourns into Egypt because of Famine (Genesis 15:13, 47:8) 

1513 BC.- Israel become slaves to Egypt and Moses is born. 

1433 BC - Exodus of Israel out of Egypt through the Red Sea and into the wilderness 

1432 BC - God gives Moses the Ten Commandments to give to Israel. (Exodus 20) 

1393 BC - Israel reaches Promised Land and Moses dies 

 953 BC - Solomon starts building temple at Jerusalem (1 Kings 6:1) 

 587 BC. - Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, capture Israelites and exile them to Babylon in the country now called Assyria (formerly Sumer). 

 538 BC -  Medo Persians conquered Babylon and allowed some of the Israelites to go back to their homeland and rebuild their temple that was destroyed by Babylon. 

 537 BC - Assyrians (Babylonians) hire counselors (attorneys) against the Israelites to frustrate them in the building of the temple and weakened their hands. Ezra 4:5 

 525 BC - Alexander the Great captures Babylon from the Medes and released the remnant of Israel back to their original homeland.  

 400 BC - Hebrew disappears as a language and the Israelites became scattered or “lost”  by repeated captures and enslavement by Assyria - hence “the lost tribes of Israel”. Many  believe remnants of the Israelite tribes wandered to northern Europe and carried the Biblical laws with them.  Many also believe that America is the re-gathering of the lost tribes of Israel.   

 361 BC - Flavius Julianus (Julian the Apostate) begins reign as Emperor of Rome and soon seizes Babylon from Assyria adopting Babylonian Law (civil and maritime law) to Roman Law. 

363 BC  - Flavius Julianus greatly reduced taxes by cutting court expenditure and corruption.  He was killed in battle with the Persians. 

200 BC - Two Roman Emperors are assassinated for passing usury laws. 

 133 BC - Babylonian priests turn over priesthood to Roman priesthood in Pergamos in Eastern Turkey, the future site of the Seven Churches in Revelation where Pergamos is referred to as "Satan's Seat" or throne.  Physical Babylon is destroyed but the system they established lingers, even to this day. 

38  BC -  Brutus assassinates Julius Caesar as Emperor for allowing Roman government to mint coins and make money plentiful in strong opposition of  private money-changers (banks and Babylon). 

  33 AD - Christ chases the money changers (banks) out of the temple and 3 days later is charged with blasphemy by the Pharisees (Lawyers) and is crucified. 

               The Roman priesthood was later moved from Pergamos in Eastern Turkey to Rome in Italy. 

  Now. Let's begin our American History. 

At the very beginning, the first on the scale, you'll find "The Bible".  The Bible is the basis of all law on this planet.                        

People's Law 

Define the following words:  Write out your definitions below the words.   

unalienable (BLKS); 

 Anglo-Saxon (STD); 

Demo the meaning of divided; balance; limited form of Government 

            Until the eighth century A.D., the Anglo-Saxons still practiced, with a lively appreciation, most of the ancient Biblical principles which characterized the precepts of People's Law.  It was a system designed to preserve and protect the unalienable rights of the people.  At the same time, provided a divided, balanced, limited form of government.   

            As Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founders of the Declaration of Independence, discovered, the institutes of the Anglo-Saxons were almost identical with those of ancient Israel, which had the oldest system of representative government known to history.   

Now, let's go to the next section. 

Ruler's Law 

Define  the following: write out your definitions in the space below the word.   

Henry I (STD): 

Goldsmiths (STD): 

William I. (STD): 

Normans (STD); 

Civil (BLKS): 


1000 AD - Goldsmiths (banks) took in gold as deposit and loaned out more receipts as loans than they had gold in reserve.  (the birth of fractional reserve banking). 

1100 AD - Henry I took money power away from the money changers and established the tally stick system which lasted nearly 500 years.

In A.D. 1066 the Normans, under William the Conqueror, subjugated the English people and established a royal dynasty, which still occupies the throne of England to this day.  The Normans imposed on the English a system of Ruler's Law which destroyed the rights of the people, resulted in the confiscation of much of their land , and inflicted a system of cruel oppression on the people that was virtually unendurable.             

            Drill:  Define the following:  inflict; confiscation; civil; oppressive; repel;  motivate.   

            Now look go to your chart: 

Magna Carta 

            Define the following and write your definitions in the space below the word: 

Freeman (BLKS) 

Magna Carta (STD).

            (Magna means Large; Carta means Charter, hence large charter). 

            Drill:  Define the following words: Baron;  invoke; covenant; initial.. 

            Because King John was one of the most cruel and ruthless of the Norman Kings, the Barons united their forces and compelled him to sign the famous Magna Carta. This was done on a hill at Runnymede, England and under the threat of beheading King John if he did not sign the paper.  The date was June 15, 1215.  The Magna Carta not only returned to the people many of the rights which the conquers had stolen away;  It also acknowledged that the King, himself, was subject to the law.   

            The Magna Carta not only refers to the rights of the barons, but also makes frequent reference to the rights of English "freemen."  The American Founders counted themselves freemen and invoked the Magna Carta as a covenant on the part of the King and his heirs that those rights would be respected.  This initial victory in the partial recovery of their rights became this third step in our history.   

            The Magna Carta is one of the basis of our laws in America.   

Evolution of Parliamentary Power 

            Here we are going into an exhaustive illustration on the definition of words.  This will give you a better idea of what is meant by define a word. We will go into all the derivations of the word Parliament and parliamentary.  When you go into the derivations, this will often lead you into other derivations, which may lead you to others, etc..  For this illustration, Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition. 

            We'll begin with the word 'Parliament'. 

Parliament:  \ par-la-ment also parl-ya  n [ME,. fr  OF parlement fr parler] (Note: this is the way you'll find it in your dictionary.  These are your derivations and root words of the word parliament.  ME  stands for Middle English. Fr, stands for French.  These are the root words you need to trace down to find the true and correct meaning of this word.  We'll look up these roots and derivations after the definition) 1.  A formal conference for the discussion of public affairs , specifically :  a council  of state in early medieval England.  2. A:  an assemblage of the nobility, clergy, and commons called  together by the British sovereign as the supreme legislative body in the United Kingdom.   2b. : a similar assemblage in another  or state 3  a:  the supreme legislative body of a usu major political unit that is  a continuing  institution comprising a series of individual assemblages.  3b : the British House of Commons  4. One of several principle courts of justice existing in France before the revolution of  1789. 

            Now, we must look up the word 'nobility' as used above.  Nobility:  1: the quality or state of being noble in character, quality, or rank. 2:  the body of persons forming the noble class in a country or state: ARISTOCRACY. 

Next, we must look up Aristocracy:  (I'll skip the derivations and roots here because of space.  For a complete understanding, however, you should also follow up on each of these.  You'll be amazed what comes from all this.  It will certainly change your understanding and your life.). 1.  government by the best individuals or by a small privileged class.  3 :  a governing body or upper class usually made up an hereditary nobility. 4 : the aggregate of those believed to be superior. 

Next, let's look up the word "common'  Common:  [ME commun,  fr. OF L. (stands for Latin)  communis -- more at MEAN ]  1:   a: of or relating to a community at large  4 b: characterized by a lack of privilege or special status  5 a: falling below ordinary standards b: lacking refinement; COARSE  7 : of,  relating to, or being common stock.  

            As we can see from the deviation above there is more at MEAN.  So we go to MEAN;   (we go to the second meaning listed.  Check out the root and the derivative here as well. )  Mean:  1 a: lacking distinction or eminence: HUMBLE  2: lacking in mental discrimination   3 a: of poor shabby inferior quality  or status b: worthy of little regard: CONTEMPTIBLE  4:  lacking dignity or honor: BASE  5 a:  PENURIOUS,  STINGY  b:  characterized by petty selfishness or malice  c: causing trouble or bother: VEXATIOUS    6 : ASHAMED  1b  meanness.  

Now go to Parlor:  the 2nd definition:  2 a:  a fostered or advocated in comfortable seclusion without consequent action or application to affairs  b: a   given to or characterized by fostering or advocating  something (as a doctrine) in such a manner (socialist). 

Now we define Parley:  1 a a conference for discussion and dispute b: a conference with an enemy. 

            So parliament means a group of people who believe themselves to be superior by their own authority, making law in comfort and seclusion, without recourse or responsibility to control common people whom they consider to be of inferior quality and worthy of little regard. 

Communicate:  This also fits with the above, so let's explore this word as well.  1.  Share;    2. A: to convey knowledge of or information about, make known. b,  to reveal by clear signs.  3 to cause to pass from one to another.  Derivation:           fr. Communs common- more at MEAN.  (see mean above).  

            The point of this exercise of communication is: the so-called aristocrats do not want communication to exist at the common level as it will endanger their self-appointed status.  

Demonstrate how the above effects your life. ________. 

            Drill:  define the following words in your note book:  representative; regain; principle; secure; impeach; arrogant; abusive; violate. 

            The foundations of parliamentary government began to develop  around 1265.  And this gradually developed into a legislative voice to represent the desires of the people.  It also provided a bargaining tool to regain some of the lost powers of the people and limit the tyrannical powers of the King.  The Parliament regained the right to have no taxation without the approval of the people's representatives.  They also established the principle that there would be no laws imposed on the people that had not been fully approved by the Parliament.  Finally, the Parliament secured the right to impeach the arrogant and abusive officers of the King whenever it could be shown that they had violated the law in the exercise of their high office.  This development of a legislative forum is the subject of this step.   

            Continuing further on the chart. 

Parliamentary Supremacy  

1500 AD-  Henry VII relaxed usury laws which infuriated the money changers (banks, Babylon)(Julius Caesar conquered England  which later paved the way for the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church in England) The Catholic church ex-communicated the King for beheading several of his wives, so the King drove the Catholic church out of England and formed the first Protestant Church of England. 

1600 AD - Queen Elizabeth I controls money supply and issues own coin against the wishes of the moneychangers. 

1649          Oliver Cromwell, financed by the money changers had King Charles killed, then plunged England into debt from wars and took over the City of London. 

1688 AD - Money changers (banks) financed William of Orange of the Netherlands to overthrow the Stuart Kings and  took possession of the English Throne.  

1694 AD - England is monetarily exhausted after 50 years of war with France and Holland.   The private Bank of England (Babylon) is formed and secures itself with politicians and their laws to protect the bank and the debt of England.  The tally sticks are attacked by the Bank of England and replaces it with their own money system which took away the power of the King to control money. 

1698 AD. - English debt then rocketed from 1.25 million pounds to 16 million pounds within a few short years.  

1748 AD- Amschel Bauer in Germany opens a gold smith shop under the sign of Red Shield. (in German tongue pronounced Rote schild, i.e. Rothschild). He had five Sons. 

            During the reign of two German Kings over England (George I and George II, between 1714 and 1760), the Parliament was left on its own more than ever before.  The government was run almost entirely by the King's prime minister, which meant that he and the other members of Parliament serving in the prime minister's cabinet could appoint all of the officials and have a relatively free hand in running the government.  This brought England to the status of a limited monarchy with a parliament system of government that allowed the legislature to exercise practically unlimited power 

            The parliament system in England never rose above this step, nor did its commonwealths, being Canada, Australia and the others, which followed the same pattern. Therefore, many frustrated Europeans began the migration to “America” in order to find spiritual and social freedom. 

The Articles of Confederation and State Supremacy 

Define the words: Write out your definitions in the space below each word. 

America:  the soil comprising the contiguous 48 states called the united states of America  Up to 1776 only comprised of 12 colonies. 

Colonies (STD) 

Articles (STD): 

Confederation (BLKS): 

Demo Articles of Confederation to your teammate. 

provincial (STD): 

delegates (BLKS) 

maxims (BLKS) 

Demo what a maxim of law is to your teammate. 

DRILL:  Read the article of Confederation before going any further.  They can be obtained from your local library.   

            It was only in America that Englishmen acquired the advantages of this step. 

America was in the English colonies.  This was where the first opportunity for local or provincial assemblies were developed, where the people elected the delegates.   This was first inaugurated in Virginia as early as 1619.  As the colonies gained in economic and political strength, they demanded the full recognition of their rights as Englishmen. 

            It was at this time that the colonies asserted their unalienable rights of self-government by issuing the Declaration of Independence to the King of England.  The people of America then confederated together as the United States. Their form of government was a confederated republic, where the states remained supreme.   

Prior to Revolution most commerce was done by barter and also by paper money printed by different states.  All of it, however, was based on the production of goods and services created by the people. After the constitution was adopted, only gold and silver coin could be used as money in the United States.  The banks, under bankruptcy and as creditor of the UNITED STATES, since 1933, all money is based purely on debt and credit. 

The Times of London stated the following regarding fiat money in America: 

"If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origins in North America, shall become endurrated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost.  It will pay off debts and be without debt.  It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world.  The brains, and the wealth of all the countries will go to North America.  That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every Monarchy on the globe."

DEMONSTRATE to your teammate what society would be like under the Articles of Confederation.  Reciprocate with your teammate. 

The Declaration of Independence   

The Revolutionary War 

Define the following: 

Declaration (STD): 

Independence (STD): 

Revolution (BLKS) 

Demo  the word revolution to your teammate . _____.  

Fiat: (STD)  

money: (STD) 

Demo  fiat money to your teammate.  

America, by the Declaration of Independence, declared war on England.  

However, most people do not realize that the primary reason for the war was not “taxation without representation,” but the forced payment of taxes to the King in gold not paper money. America was flourishing by using their own “fiat money” system based only on their production - not a gold based system that could be manipulated by the King. The King could not “control” the fiat money system and therefore passed a law requiring one to pay taxes in gold only. The King had most of the gold - the colonies had little (scarcity/value), unemployment ensued - and embittered souls cried for war.       

An East Indiaman; National Maritime Museum
peter monamy 39 x 32½

America did win the Revolutionary war with England.  There was a malfunction, however, in the plans for America. Money powers were waiting at the gate from the beginning.   

Although the British Empire, as a world government, lost the American Revolution, the power structure behind it did not lose the war.  The most visible of the power structure identities was the East India Company, owned by the Bankers and the Crown in London, England.  This was an entirely private enterprise whose flag was adopted by Queen Elizabeth in 1600 which happened to have thirteen red and white horizontal stripes with a blue rectangle in its upper left-hand corner.  Betsy Ross had a pattern for her creative "invention" of the stars and stripes--the flag of the international financiers.

 While the British government lost the war in 1776, the East India Company's owners who constituted a portion of the invisible, (sovereign) Power structure (banks) behind the British government not only did not lose but moved right into the new usA economy, together, and in close association, with Americas' most powerful landowners.   

DRILL:  Read the Declaration of Independence. 

DRAW A DIAGRAM of the Declaration of Independence.  In include both
America and England.  Also, include people and actions taken.   

Constitutional Supremacy 

Drill: Define the words- people; state; Republic; Democracy 

2.  Demonstrate the powers of  (a) the State; (b) the United States; (c) the people. 

3.  By what authority is each power in number 2. authorized? 

            Drill: Define the following words in your notebook:  National; Federal;  Federal Government; National Government; glitch; and bifurcated.  

            Before we get into the constitution, let's explore under what authority  the states and the federal government were created and established.   

             Authority for the American Constitution 

            1.   The Bible.  

2.     The Magna Carta which King John signed in 1215.

3.     The Petition of Rights granted by King Charles I in 1628.

4.     The habeas corpus rights granted by King Charles II in 1679.

5.      The English Bill of Rights granted by William and Mary in 1689.

6.      The Articles of Confederation.  

These six documents became the basis and guidelines in creating our Constitution.  It is important to know at this point that any constitution must have some prior reference to establish it.  Based on this premise, any and every constitution thereafter must have an enabling clause.  From this point onward, no constitution may diminish, in any manner, those rights already established in the above six documents.  

            Next, man, or the people of the various states, created the state governments for the protection of their rights.  They delegated certain authority from the people powers  by and through the state constitutions, in order that the three branches of government could properly carry out the dictates outlined in the constitutions to protect our rights. 

            The States then created the United States.   

            The American Constitution created a new structure of government that was established on a much higher plane than either the parliamentary system or the confederation of states.  It was a people's "constitutional republic," where a certain amount of power was delegated to the states and a certain amount was delegated to the federal government.  The United States, by way of the Congress of the United States, has certain powers delegated by the Constitution.  So far as the several States party to the Constitution are concerned, the United States may not exercise power not delegated by the Constitution. All power not delegated to the United States by the Constitution is reserved to the several States within their respective territorial borders -- or, to the people.

            The Constitution was pushed and supported by the bankers through their associates, for their own control over the United States of America.  Had the Articles of Confederation been completed and adopted, instead of the Constitution, the bankers would have far less control than they achieved.  

                                                Ten Square Miles 

Define the word ‘Columbia’.This word and the following words to be defined in this section are from WEBSTER'S COLLEGIATE DICTIONARY10TH EDITION.  

 Columbia: [NL (new Latin) Christopher Columbus]  (Originated in 1775 ): THE UNITED STATES  

 Columbus has the same root word as columbarium and columbine.     

Columbarium [L dovecote, from columba dove] a stucture of vaults lined with recesses for cinerary urns.

Dovecote: 1. a small compartmented raised house or box for domestic pigeons or doves; also for breeding. 2. a settled or harmonious group or organization. 

Columbine [ME  from ML columbina, L columbinus – like a dove ,from columba dove, GK kolymbos a small grebe (diving bird), kelainos black

Columbidea is the Latin species of dove. 

Dove: 3. one who takes a conciliatory attitude and advocates negotiations and compromise; an opponent of war.

District: [F from ML districtus jurisdiction, from distringer to distrain] 1. a territorial division as for administrative or electoral purposes. 2. an area, region or section with a distinguishing character. 

Distrain; [ME distreynen, from dis- + stringere to bind tight, more at strain]1. to force or compel to satisfy an obligation by means of a distress 2. to seize by distress; to levy a distress. 

Strain [ME streen progeny, lineage, from OE streon gain, acquisition; akin to OHG gistriuni gain, L struere to heap up] 1. lineage, ancestry b. a group of  presumed common ancestry with clear-cut physiological but usual no morphological distinctions. 2 a. inherited or inherent character, quality, or disposition. 

(emphasis added on all of the above definitions). 

Note: The Columba faction, an Italian Organization and Masonic group, funded Cristoforo Colon, who was renamed by the organization as Christopher Columbus, circa 1480’s. The Columba faction’s symbol is a black dove! It is also interesting to note that the Illuminati, an Italian Masonic group, was formed in 1776. Both of theses groups strictly adhere to their own hereditary bloodlines and purposely do not intermix with other ancestries. References – read The Biggest Secret by David Icke. 

DRILL: Diagram with your teammate the meaning of District and Columbia with the above definitions. 

THE UNITED STATES consists only of the ten miles square of Washington, District of Columbia (D.C.), its territories of Guam, Samoa, Mariana Islands, and Puerto Rico, etc. 

Define Plenary. 

One of the powers granted in the federal constitution is to the congress in Article 1, section 8, clause 16 and 17, which reads as follows: 

16. To exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such district (not exceeding ten mile square) as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of congress, become the seat of government of the United States, and to exercise like authority over all places purchased, by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards, and the needful buildings: ­-- and,

17.To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all the new powers vested by this constitution in the government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof. 

Congress has absolute -- or what is described as plenary power.  This is municipal, police power, and the like.   

            Where does Congress have such plenary power?  Read again clauses 16 and 17 above.  Only within the geographical area of the District of Columbia, and all forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards, and other needful buildings within the several States. 

            The United States is an abstraction -- it exists only on paper. It is a total fiction.  It exists as an idea. The various Republic States of the Union, exist in substance and reality. The United States only takes on physical reality after Congress positively activates constitutionally delegated powers through statutes enacted in accordance with Article I section 7 of the Constitution.  It is necessary for you to read that section.  

Demo _____  Article 1 Section 17 of the Constitution.  

The Constitution is Bifurcated -- Separated in Two Parts  

            The Constitution was bifurcated.   Bifurcated is defined as separated. (See the Bifurcated Chart at the end of this course).  We will call it bifurcated because it is the separation from the original jurisdiction  as outlined in the Articles of Confederation.  Article I, section 8, clauses 16 and 17 clearly set this out.   

            It important to remember,  as we will be returning to this particular section later on throughout this course, the U.S. Congress does have the right to make all laws regarding Washington D.C. within the ten miles square and territories owned by the United States, etc.. This tiny scope of legislative powers is the only authority relating to people of the various states. 

            This is the end of part one of the first course.  Make certain you get together with your partner, ask him or her questions regarding all the above.  See to it that each of you have defined all the words described to define.  Both of you need to know that each has a good, solid, understanding of what you have gone through thus far.   

DRILL; Diagram America and mark the areas of jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES and DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. 

The First National Bank in The United States 

Define 'Bank' in Blacks Law 4th.  (you need to read the entire definition which consists of one full column.  This has a lot of reference to law and judges and particularly to water, i.e. maritime, before you arrive at what you think a bank might be.  Read it carefully because this will become more and more important later in these courses).   

Define 'charter': (BLKS) 

One of the first acts, within two years, that President Washington did was to declare an emergency. William Morris with the help of  Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of  Treasury, heavily promoted the first national bank (Bank of England, Babylon) to legislation in order to create a private bank.  In 1781, Congress chartered the first national bank for a term of 20 years, to the same European bankers that were holding the debts before the war. The bankers loaned worthless, un-backed, non-secured printed money to each other to charter this first bank. 

            After  thousands of lives were lost fighting a war to get control of our own money, why did congress contract with the same bankers that STARTED the revolutionary war in the first place?  

Very simple.  Since the Crown (House of Rothschild) was the creditor, they demanded a private bank to hold the securities of the United States as the pledged assets to the Crown of England in order to secure the debt to which the United States had defaulted.  The holder of the securities was the private bank.  So under public international law, the creditor nation forced the United States to establish a private bank to hold the securities as the collateral for the loan.  As throughout history, Babylon follows wherever we go. 

DRILL: Demonstrate to your teammate why the First National Bank was chartered in the UNITED STATES. 

                              European Bankers Expand 

1785 AD - The youngest Rothschild, Nathan, expanded his wealth to 20,000 pounds in a 15 year period by using other peoples money. An increase of 2500%. 

1787 AD - Amschel Rothschild made the famous statement: "Let me issue and control a Nation's money, and I care not who writes the laws."   

Thomas Jefferson stated, "If the American people ever allow the previous banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation then by deflation, the banks and the corporations which grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake homeless on the Continent their fathers conquered." 

1798 AD - The five Rothschild brothers expanded by opening banks in each of the major cities of Europe.  Amschel Mayer, Germany;  Solomon, Vienna; Jacob, Paris; Nathan, London; Carl, Naples.

              The War of 1812 and the Second National Bank 

Define the word in the space below the word: 

Marque (BLKS): 

Demo Marque with your teammate______ 

            The charter for the private bank was for 20 years-- or until around 1811.  What happened in 1812?   The War of 1812.  What did England attack?  Washington, D.C... the ten miles square where they burned the White House and other buildings.   

Was the attack by England on the ten miles square an act of war?   No, it was not.  Under public international law, what was an act of war was the United States not extending the first national bank into the second national bank to continue to maintain the securities on the unpaid debt.  So when the United States did an act of war by not giving the lawful creditor his securities in a peaceful manner, the only remedy open under international law to the creditor was to come in on letters of marque and seize the assets to protect his loan.   

             Did the second national bank get approved?  Absolutely.  After England attacked the nation that was in default, Americans saw the penalty for not  and enacted the second national bank.  This was for another 20 years, which was to expire about 1836.   

DRILL: Diagram with your teammate the pattern developing with the first two private banks leading us closer to our current situation. 

The Forgotten 13th Amendment 

Define the following words: 

Title (STD): 

Attorn (BLKS): 

Attorney:  . . with obligation to the courts and to the public, not to the client, and wherever the duties of his client conflict with those he owes as an officer of the court in the administration of justice, the former must yield to the later.  (emphasis added); Corpus Juris Secundum, 1980, section 4 See note.  (All attorneys owe their allegiance, first to the Crown of England, next to the courts, and then to the public and finally, to their clients.  Is it any wonder your attorney never wins a case for you?)

BAR (acronym for British Accreditation Regency – look up each of these words) 

            Attorneys are members of the BAR.  The American Bar Association is a branch of the Bar Council, sole bar association in England.  All laws, today in America, are copyrighted property of a British company, all state Codes are private, commercial, British-owned "law".  All attorneys follow instruction from England, Attorneys twist and turn over their clients in synch with the private law of the bankruptcy.  That is their job.  That is their pledge to those whom they owe allegiance.     

            Note:  By definition, the obligations and duties of attorneys extend to the court and the "public" (government) before any mere "client."  Clients are "wards of the court" and therefore "persons of unsound mind."  See also 'client', 'wards of court'. 

Demo to your teammate the purpose of an attorney. 

The Original 13th Amendment  

            There was also another important issue involved in that War of 1812.  The original 13th Amendment, which prohibited Attorneys and anyone with a title of nobility to hold any public office in America.  All the states then had ratified this 13th Amendment except for Virginia.  

            You'll note that the War of 1812 was waged mostly in Washington, D.C. .   The British burned all the repository buildings, attempting to destroy all records of the new United States in Washington, D.C..  

           Thus, the war of 1812 was partly waged to prevent the passage and enforcement of the new Thirteenth Amendment.  Most book repositories throughout the states were burned to the ground and all records destroyed. 

            As a result of the accumulated debt of waging that war and a bank-manufactured depression in the midst of war, a new Bank Charter was issued for another 20 years. 

Demo why the 13th Amendment was enacted and why England burned  the book depositories and libraries because of it in the war of 1812. 

                                                Andrew Jackson and the Bank 

            President Andrew Jackson put an end to this second Charter in 1836.  Jackson's reasoning was simple: The Constitution does not delegate authority for Congress to establish a national bank.  Jackson's rationale has never been seriously challenged, and the Constitution has never been amended to authorize Congress to establish a national bank. Nor, for that matter, does the Constitution delegate authority for the United States to establish corporations, particularly private corporations.  

            There was not a national bank established in America for more than 75 years, until 1913 with the Federal Reserve Bank.  Andrew Jackson did an excellent job. 

            What did Congress do with Andrew Jackson?  They fought him tooth and nail.  Is that because Congress is made up mostly of attorneys?  To whom do the attorneys owe their title of nobility?  The Crown of England.  So Congress is populated by attorneys who are Esquires, noblemen, who owe their allegiance  to the Crown of England.  So, who does our Congress represent?  The Bankers. The bankers hired an assassin to kill Andrew Jackson using two pistols, however the plot failed as both pistols misfired.  

            Andrew Jackson violated public international law because he denied the creditor his just lien rights on the debtor.  However, the bankers did not lend value (substance), so in actuality they had an unperfected lien so the law actually did not apply. 

            Andrew Jackson stated, "Controlling our currency, receiving our public money, and holding thousands of our citizens in dependence would be more formidable and dangerous than a military power of the enemy." 

Demo how Andrew Jackson affected our history and what could have taken place had he not stood up the bankers. 

The Civil War 

Define sine die (BLKS):  

            On March 27, 1861, the Southern states declared their states rights pursuant to the Constitution and walked out of Congress. This created sine die, which literally means "without day," and in this case refers to an adjournment without provision for a date to reconvene.. Abraham Lincoln had been elected President and without a quorum, Congress could not transact business. He declared martial law and ruled by executive order. The constitutional republic was gone. Martial law was never ended and a constitutional facade has been maintained since then. Slavery was only window dressing for the Civil War.  The war had nothing to do with slavery. It had to do with States Rights and the National debt to the bankers. The South wanted to be redeemed from the Crown in England.  The North wanted to remain under their dominion and their debt.  .   

            When the South walked out of Congress, this ended the public side of the bifurcated Constitution as far as the government was concerned.  What remained of the government was the private side, the democracy, and it was under the rule of the bankers.   

            During and after the Civil War, a new 13th,  Amendment was enacted December 18, 1865;  the 14th Amendment was enacted July 28, 1868;  The 15th Amendment enacted March 30, 1870.  

President Lincoln, by Executive Order proclaimed the first Trading With the Enemy Act. President Lincoln stated, " The government should create, issue, and circulate all currency and credit needed to satisfy the spending power of the government and the buying power of consumers."  Further, he quoted, "The privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme prerogative of government, but it is the governments' greatest opportunity." Weeks later, he was murdered because he defied the bankers by printing interest free money to pay for the war efforts.   

The 14th Amendment brought the freed slaves, whose previous owners were private plantations and transferred those slaves under slavery of the government, the ten miles square jurisdiction of Washington, D.C.   

At this period of time, the only people in the United States who were under the jurisdiction of the private bifurcated government of the ten miles square of Washington. D.C., were the government employees, those within the territories owned by the United States and now the former slaves.  The former citizens of the South, now "captured"  became 14th Amendment citizens. The remainder of the people could still invoke the power over government through original jurisdiction of the Republic side of the Constitution.   

Thus, the government operated fully under the authority of private law dictated by the creditor, a dictatorship of the banks.

Demo how the Civil War altered the constitution and affected us today. 

UNITED STATES incorporates in England 

In 1871 the default again loomed and bankruptcy was eminent.  So in 1871, the ten miles square was incorporated in England.  They used the constitution as their by-laws. Not as authority under the Constitution but as authority over the constitution. They copyrighted, not only the constitution but also many names such as, THE UNITED STATES, U.S. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, USA and many other titles as their own.  This is the final blow to the original constitution.  From here on out, the UNITED STATES was governed entirely by private corporate law, dictated by the banks as creditors. 

Demo how England now influences or controls the UNITED STATES through the constitution. 

                                    More Bankruptcy Re-organizations 

Define the word “By-laws” (STD) 

Then, in 1909, default loomed once more.   The US government went to the Crown of England and asked for an extension of time.  This extension was granted for another 20 years on several conditions.  One of the conditions was that the United States allow the creditors to establish a new national bank.  This was done in 1913, with the Federal Reserve Bank.  This, along with the 16th Amendment, collection of Income tax,  enacted February 25, 1913, and the 17th Amendment enacted May 31, 1913,  were the conditions for the extension of time.  The 16th and  17th Amendment further reduced the states power.  The UNITED STATES adopted the Babylonian system.   

                                                First World War 

In 1917 we were drafted into the First World War.  The debt accumulated so that it became impossible for us to pay off the debt in 1929.  It also enhanced the War Powers Act that President Lincoln put in place during his Presidency by Executive Order.  This War Powers Act was re-enforced and was The Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917.  This will become more important later on. 

                                         The Great Depression 

Define the following words: 

 Adhesion (BLKS)

Accession (BLKS) 

Demo adhesion and accession contracts. _____ 

We all know what happened in 1929.  This was the year of the stock market crash and the beginning of The Great Depression.   

The Great Depression:  The stock market crash moved billions of dollars from the people to the banks.  This also removed cash from circulation for the peoples use.  Those who still possessed any cash, invested in high interest yielding Treasury Bonds driven higher by increased demand.  As a result, even more cash was removed from circulation for the general public to the point where there was not enough cash left in circulation to buy the goods being produced.  Production came to a halt as inventory overcrowded the market.  There were more products on the market than there was cash to buy them.   Prices plummeted and industries plunged into bankruptcy, throwing millions more people out of work and out of cash.  Foreclosures on homes, factories, businesses and farms rose to the highest level in the history of  America.  A mere dime, was literally salvation to many families now living on the street.  Millions of people lost everything they had, keeping only the clothes on their backs.    

In Europe, in 1930, the International Bankers declared several nations bankrupt, including the United States. Then in 1933, President Roosevelt was elected and took office.  His first act as President was to declare, publicly, the United States bankrupt.  He further went on to issue his Presidential Executive Order on March 5th, 1933 that all United States Citizens must turn in all their gold in return for Federal Reserve Notes.  This was passed into law by Congress on June 5th, 1933.  

Demo the affect the Depression had on the American people.  

                                    House/Senate Joint Resolution 192 (1933) 

Define the following: 

House of Representatives (BLKS): 

Senate (BLKS): 

Joint (BLKS): 

Resolution (BLKS):

Adhesion contract (BLKS) 

Read HJR 192 (Exhibit 5) 

Demo HJR 192 

            We the People, turned in all our gold at that time.  Why?  Were we United States Citizens?  No.  We were still a sovereign people until that time.  We just thought that we were required to turn in all our gold. Only those people living in Washington, D.C., and the 14th Amendment Citizens were so required.  We were still sovereign.  We were not under the jurisdiction of the United States of America, which incorporated in 1871.   

            When we turned in our gold, we just volunteered into the jurisdiction of the ten miles square of Washington D.C. and their laws. We became 14th Amendment Citizens. Our birth Certificates, the title to our bodies, were registered in the Commercial Registry. This title to our bodies, all of our property and all of our future labor, was pledged to the International Bankers as security for the money owed in bankruptcy.  This was done under the authority of Commercial Law (Babylonian law) by and through Title. The American People were not in bankruptcy.  Only the Corporate UNITED STATES was in bankruptcy. 

We must remember, however, that it was only the politicians and the ten miles square of Washington, D.C. the UNITED STATES CORPORATION that went into bankruptcy.  It was not the American people. 

Demo how HJR 192 in 1933 affected the Citizens of the UNITED STATES and why it did not necessarily have to affect American sovereigns. 

Demo what was money before HJR 192 and what constitutes money after HJR 192. 

Artificial Entities 

Define artificial and entity.          

How did we become a 'subject' of the artificial UNITED STATES? The US Corporation has no more power over you than does the Taco Bell Corporation. UNLESS YOU CONTRACT UNDER THE ARTIFICIAL ENTITY!!! 

First, your birth certificate was voluntarily given by your mother to the state and then entered into the Commercial Registry for Registration, within the UNITED STATES, when you were born.  This, in commerce, gave Title to your body by way of a constructive or other types of contract.  Now, all of us are now members of the Babylonian system in every manner. 

            Next, the government created an artificial 'person', an organization, a fictitious entity, and what we call an artificial entity.  By and through an adhesion contract, the government then made you, the real man or woman, responsible for and fiduciary for and surety for that artificial entity.   This is how your artificial entity secured the National debt and through it, you became a 14th Amendment Citizen of the UNITED STATES. 

            All licenses and all existing contracts are made between the UNITED STATES or THE STATE OF (whatever state you live in) and your artificial entity.  That fictitious entity binds you to the UNITED STATES because they have, through adhesion contract, made you the real man or woman, fiduciary and responsible for that artificial entity.   Of course, you voluntarily sign, and even request, all those contracts, don’t you?   

            All of these contracts you sign carry with it your agreement to obey and uphold all the laws, rules and regulations passed by the Congress of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and THE STATE OF. . . . and will be enforced against you.   

Demo how you became subject to the artificial entity, the UNITED STATES. 

Trustee of the Bankruptcy takes Possession of Property 

Define the word in the space below the word: 

Trustee (BLKS) 

Wards (BLKS)

License: (BLKS) . (Note;  in Black’s 4th, read down in the small print to the third definition).   

Permit:  (BLKS). 

Privilege: (BLKS). 

Benefit:  (BLKS).   

            From that day forward, we could never own any property because the state now had possession of it all.  (In 1964, the state obtained title to our property.) We can only rent our homes that we believe we own.  We only have a certificate of title to the car we think we own.  The state owns the true title to our homes and to our cars, to everything we thought or think we own.  You married the state through your marriage license and your children became wards of the state.  You are a Ward of the State. All of this was pledged, including all the fruits of our future labor, to the bankers as security against the national debt and was placed in the possession of  the Secretary of State of  each state as an agent for the Trustee of the Bankruptcy - The U.S. Secretary of Treasury. 

            This was further tightened up when we applied for our Social Security number after 1935, by contract which we hurriedly voluntarily entered into, when the Social Security Act was signed into law. Then by many further contracts to be entered into and license to be applied for – all voluntary affairs.  

Demo: Compare where you were before 1933 to where you are now. 

                                                States Lose Sovereignty 

            President Roosevelt then called all the Governors into Washington D. C. for a conference.  This was the beginning of the states losing the remainder of their sovereignty.  It was not until 1944 that the corporate states lost all their power over the corporate United States with the Buck Act.  With this Act, the states became, essentially, 14th Amendment Citizens as well.   This completed the destruction of the corporate states having any power to protect against usurpation by the U.S. Government.  The corporate states went under the jurisdiction of Washington, D.C.. 

The march toward Communism

Define the following: 

Socialism (STD) 

Communism (STD) 

Demo the difference between Republic, and Communism. 

            Thereafter, the movement toward a communistic dictatorship and One World Government rapidly increased. The Bretton Woods Agreement created the United Nations in 1946. 

The adoption of the Uniform Commercial Code by all States in 1964 and a number of other like laws and Acts were incorporated into this nation.  This made the Uniform Commercial Code, the Supreme Law of the Land. 

Demo the progression from the republic to democracy to socialism and finally to communism. 

We Lost our Courts in 1976 

Define (BLKS): the following words in the space below 

Justice in Hebrew means Rightness, to be right.

Justice (STD) 

Construe (BLKS) 




Judge-made-law (BLKS)  

In 1976, Congress took away any semblance of law or justice left within our court system.  All law today is now construed, constructed and made up by the judge in the courtroom.

They took away any control or authority we might have had over the court system.  See Senate  Bill 94-204 which deals with the court system and Senate Bill 94-381 dealing with Public Law.  This has been very well hidden from all of us.   

Many of us going into court often wonder why and how the courts can simply override the laws we put into our paperwork.  It’s very simple now that we know how they do it.  They operate on the words ‘construe and construct’.   

A simple word such as ‘in’ changed to ‘at’ as in ‘at law’ or ‘in law’ has a totally separate meaning.  For example:  If you’re in the river, you are wet, you can swim, etc., But if you’re at the river, you might enjoy a refreshing picnic, play baseball or run races. See the difference a simple word can make?  And, the attorneys often change this word when they answer your motions – in addition to many others. 

It will pay you in dividends to read the answers of attorneys to your paperwork.  Compare what they say the case law says to the actual case law itself.  You’ll discover that they have actually changed the words therein. This is illegal, you might say.  No, not, according to the above Senate Bills.   

You see, they can now construe and construct any law or statute to mean whatever they decide it means, for their benefit.  You don’t know any of this. You think they are railroading you in a kangaroo court.  No, they are ‘legal’ in what they do.  They usually follow the law to the letter; Their law, private law, the law of contract, that you know nothing about. This law is called contract law.  


If you don’t understand the above and realize what law you are dealing with when you go into court, you will lose.   

Even if you have filed your UCC-1 and have captured your Title and your artificial entity, this makes no difference in the above courts.  Why?  They operate in total fiction, in la la land, in the land of Oz.  They can only recognize contracts. And you are a real, sentient being (still with numerous adhesion contracts attached to you).  Whatever you file in that court, whether it is your UCC-1 or Law from the Judicial and Original Jurisdiction side, that is real, Lawful, truth.  They do not recognize truth of any sort. They only recognize fiction and contract law.

So, when you go into any court, be aware that it is their law, that the judge or the prosecutor can ‘construe’ and ‘construct’ that law in any fashion they choose.  It will always mean what they choose it to mean. 

So, are the courts bound by the Constitution?  Law?  Statutes?  No, contracts only and the statutes used to enforce the contracts.  And when we use their statutes, constitution, UCC, rules and regulations, all copyrighted – without a license from the BAR, we are in violation of copyright infringement and punishment is mandatory.   

There is NO Law in this Nation – or the world for that matter – there is only contract law.   

Demo: compare where you are in today’s court system with your previous conception of  how you thought the courts should operate. 


            We can see throughout our history that Babylon, commerce and Merchant Law has followed wherever productive people go. 

            The Bankers were waiting in the wings when we founded this country.  It was only two years after the constitution was enacted that the bankers threw us into bankruptcy.  The newly founded government moved over to the side under the ten square mile that congress controlled.   

            In 1861, the Southern states walked out of Congress.  This officially ended the lawful side of the Constitution.   

            In 1871, the ten square miles and its territories, that congress controlled was incorporated in England and the constitution was adopted as the by-laws of that corporation.  This completely ended the Constitution.  We no longer had a Constitution. We do NOT have the protection of the original Constitution and the Bill of  Rights except as a facade to maintain tranquility as the International Bankers tighten the control still more.

            THE UNITED STATES as a corporation, created in England, came under the jurisdiction of England.  This entitled England to create laws as the Bank of England and International Bankers saw fit to do, establish those laws in THE UNITED STATES and everyone who at that time was a 14th Amendment Citizen was subject to obey those laws.  This also placed the Congress of THE UNITED STATES above that portion of what we think is the constitution, not under the authority of  the constitution.  Copyrighted, remember?  The only Bill of Rights left at this point in time is four Amendments -- 13th, 14th 15th, and 16th.  That is all the Courts are required to take cognizance of when you appear in their courts.   

            Then the Merchants of Babylon, the bankers, moved deeper into our nation by the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 and the IRS to collect the interest on their loans made to the UNITED STATES. 

            The 1929 stock market crash and the Great Depression that followed, placed the American people in desperation, homelessness, poverty and even starvation.  The minds of the people were focused on survival.  They were trapped in a dilemma that forced them to accept any handout given by the government, no matter what the cost to their freedoms. 

            FDR treasonously placed this entire nation into socialism.   

            We were drawn in as 14th Amendment Citizens through the registration of our birth certificates.  We were further enticed deeper into that system by volunteering for many other licenses and privileges given by the government.  We were also made enemies of THE UNITED STATES.  This act gives the UNITED STATES authority, under the laws of war and as a captured people, to force anything on us they choose to create.   

            Thereafter, we sank further into communism.  If you read the ten planks of communism you'll discover that this nation has fulfilled every plank successfully.  We are a Communist Nation.   

            Then, in 1976, Congress removed any semblance of justice in our court system with Senate bill 94-201 and 94-381.  From this point forward, the 'officers of the court' can construe and construct the laws to mean anything they chose them to mean.  

            As 14th Amendment Citizens, we are not citizens of the America we have always thought.  We are actually citizens of England, through the corporation of THE UNITED STATES.  

            Today, as in ancient Babylon, our idol is money, i.e. Federal Reserve Notes which are graven images, both a fiction. 

            There is no law today except as fiction of copyrighted statutes, to be interpreted by 'judges' who construe and construct whatever they choose to have those statutes mean.   

Do you now have a different viewpoint on where you actually are now from where you thought before you began this course?   

            Demonstrate to your partner, the difference between where you were, or thought you were, when you began this course and where you now know you are in terms of your political, citizen and legal standing within the UNITED STATES.    

We The PeopleSovereigns created...States
States created...a federation of States with a Bifurcated Constitution

 Democracy located in  10 Mile Square District of Columbia
Governing body is Congress
Regulated by statutes as needed.
 Bankruptcy brought about  need for a National Bank,  1791
War of 1812
2nd National Bank, 1816
Andrew Jackson threw vipers out, 1834
2nd Bank Charter Expired, 1836
Civil War, 1861
13th and 14th  Amendments passed by the
democratic side only, All citizens of the ten miles square and freed slaves became 14th Amendment Citizens 1868
UNITED STATES incorporated in England.  Moved entirely from Original Constitution.  Instead, This corporation 'adopted' the Constitution through the 14th Amendment 1871

 Income Tax and Federal Reserve Act  1913
World War I.  Trading with  the Enemy Act revised, made tougher  1917
The Great Depression  1929

A Republic made up of Sovereign States created by Sovereigns Governing body is Executive, Legislative, Judicial Branches Regulated by Entire Constitution, Bill of Rights
We The People could enforce Constitution


1861  Southern States walked out of Congress,  ended the Republic. Moved totally under the jurisdiction of a democracy.  Lincoln, by E.O. initiated the Trading With The Enemy Act.


1871 We The People could still enforce the Original  Constitution. 



Bankruptcy of UNITED STATES, Registration of Birth 1933 Certificates, etc
1933 Even the Sovereign became attached to US. We The People became 14th Amendment citizen through the contract of our registered birth certificates.  We were placed under Socialism.


 The Bretton Woods Agreement (1946)  and the Creation of the United Nations        1946


Uniform Commercial Code Adopted                        1951
We lost control of our Courts                       1976

      .     Until 1933, with the registering of the title to their bodies, the birth certificate, in the Commercial Registry, sovereigns had the authority to enforce the Original Constitution. 

CAN YOU NOW SEE WHERE YOU ARE IN THE POLITICAL ARENA? Not what you were taught, is it?

Birds eye View of American History 

Description of Event 
Pre 1776 Many battles with England over the money issues: Taxation, Money and Banking 


Declaration of Independence  -- Revolutionary War fought


Constitution for the united States of America


First United States (National) Bank, with 20 year charter
1811 The Original 13th Amendment against Titles of Nobility, proposed and ratified by  most states


War of 1812, England attacks; burns Washington, D.C. and other record depositories
1815 War with England ends, treaty signed 1815, soldiers of England leave with arms 
1813 2nd United States National Bank chartered for another 20 years


After the War, original 13th Amendment ratified by Virginia breaking the 75% requirement: passed 


After severe abuse by bankers Andrew Jackson takes office on promise to route the vipers out 


2nd United States National Bank charter expires


War between the States and the Union is fought.  Union wins (U.S. Army)  The original 13th Amendment is forgotten and buried in the ashes of this destructive war
1868 The so-called 13th and 14th Amendments are adopted . . .the U.S. takes over states  
1871 The UNITED STATES is incorporated in England adopting the original constitution, through  the 14th Amendments, as it's by-laws.  (See 41st Congress, Session III, Chapter 61 and 62) Government is shifted to the private sector under private corporate law. However, We The People were still sovereign. 


All Union States adopt new legislatively created 'conditions' and 'codify' their laws.  Under federal mandate.  State 'codes' are unlawfully adopted despite their origin. "The purpose of 'Civil Law' is to establish and protect two classes of citizens"
1892 -- Bank 'panics' are caused by demand exceeding supply of lawful funds, etc. as international bankers manipulate credit (Value and Scarcity)  Commerce.  UCC began codification.
1901-15 Large tax-exempt Foundations plot social change and target us for war. JP Morgan captures control of newspapers.


The Federal Reserve Act is unlawfully hatched and 'Income tax' is born     


World War I -- creates larger debt and lays foundations for WWII
1929 The Bank-led "Great Depression" starts just 15 years into the Federal Reserve Act
1933 FDR takes office as President and issues Executive Orders declaring a 'Bank Holiday

F.D.R.  by Executive Order declares gold (lawful money) ownership illegal (Remember until this time We The People were still sovereign)  Only U.S. Citizens were required  to turn in their gold.

F.D.R. by Executive Order declares the people to be the enemy by illegally altering the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1861, revised 1917

F.D.R. and through Congress H.J.R.-192 declares U.S. bankrupt.

F.D.R. by Executive Order sweeps the Republic into the trash can and declares democracy

F.D.R. by Executive Order (dictatorship) proves himself a traitor to United States Constitution 

 F.D.R. initiates socialism (socialism) contrary to well established law, stacks the 1933-38      Supreme Court with democratic liberals and socialists

1933 Registration of Birth Certificates.  Mothers volunteered children into slavery through this registration, giving Title to our bodies to the Commercial Registry


Social Security System established
1938 Erie Railroad vs.Tompkins changes face of justice.  No more common law in federal government.
1940  The Buck Act was passed establishing corporate state governments.  This Act placed the states under the jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES Corporation


World War II begins -- tax and spend begins, 'voluntary compliance' is encouraged by Walt Disney's Donald Duck cartoon
1945 Bretton Woods Treaty signed, United Nations Born.
1951 Uniform Commercial Code Adopted in law
1952-54 The Korean War  - a can't win war, tax and spend, increase of the debt. 
1958 California Constitution of 1879 completely repealed and replaced legislatively
1964 All remaining States adopt Uniform Commercial Code.  UCC becomes The Law of  the Land
1976 The American People, 14th Amendment citizens, as well as any and other citizens of America, lost total control of the court system in America -- See Senate Report 94-204.  With this law, instead of courts law our courts were permitted to "construe and construct."  This means that the various courts now have the authority through above legislation to change any statute, any case law, any word contained in those laws, to mean whatever they choose it to mean. 



Next, we will show you a tool which will help you resolve the confusion you must now feel and know.  While this tool can help you out of any situation you might find in your life, now or in the future, it will be used here to show how we arrived where you are now and what must be done to achieve your end goal of Freedom.  The following will require careful reading on your part.  It is not to be skipped through.  Use the first page, circle diagram, and as you progress through the questions and definitions write your answers on this sheet accordingly. 

This purpose of this exercise is to help you determine where you are and to provide assistance in achieving your end goal…. Freedom. The secondary purpose of this exercise is to teach you how to follow instructions by thinking an idea through - not by relying on knee jerk reaction. 

Orientation: (Std)  The act or process of orienting.  Root, Orient:  to cause, to face, or point toward the East;  Specifically, to build a temple with the axis pointing eastward.  East.  [ Latin Orient, to rise, Sanskrit Ronti he moves, arises,  Greek ornynai, to rouse, from oros to rise, mountain]  

Direction:  Guidance or supervision of action, management;  assistance of pointing out the proper route. Comes from the root direct - to regulate the activities

or course of. [Latin directus, straight, from dirigere to lead straight, from regere to rule, Greek oregein to stretch out, from oros to rise, mountain

            The following words are Hebrew definitions, so to get a full understanding of the orientation of the area of Palestine we will locate it and describe where it is in relation to its surrounding areas. 

            To the east of Palestine is the fertile crest between the Tigres and Euphrates Rivers currently Kuwait and the border between Iran and Iraq. This is where civilization began, this is where the “Garden of Eden” was. It was the home of the enlightened ones and the ancient god kings of this planet. This is where the sun is first seen. 

            To the North is the Caucus Mountains and Armenian Mountains. This is where people fled to when in danger and to go under cover. This is where they went to hide. It was dark and stormy in the north areas. 

            To the West was the Mediterranean Sea. Along the coast was Canaan and Phoenicia, the land of the merchants, commerce and the largest trading ports in the entire world. These people used the sea (maritime law) as a means for transportation. They used many instruments that we use today, such as mortgages, securities and SLAVES. 

            To  the South was the great desert of the Sinai peninsula. It was hot and dry with very little water available. It was usually called the “wilderness” and was where the children of Israel wandered for 40 years before coming to the “Promised Land.”  

Right:  Hebrew yaman to be right; to be right handed; the right hand or right side;  the stronger;  the South; yashar to make straight or even, right, prosperous; mishpat verdict, justice, judgment, from shaphat to judge, to vindicate; emeth stability, certainty, truth; Latin regere to rule, Greek oregein to stretch out, from oros to rise, mountain. 

Drill:  Look at the above definitions and observe the similar meanings of each. What is the same root meaning for each of the words. 

Left:    Hebrew semol wrapping up; dark as enveloped; the North.  The idea of cover, assuming the shape of the object beneath; Anglo Saxon – worthless, from lef weak, infirm.

Drill:   Compare the definitions of ORIENTATION, DIRECTION and RIGHT to the definition of LEFT. What are the differences? 

1.     Refer to the drawing of a circle attached hereto. From the above definitions label the Right hand and the left hand of the circle. Write in the definitions of Right and Left in the space below the "hand" lines.  There are lines provided for this purpose.

      (Note: read the following two questions carefully.  Do not go with your first reaction. Think before you act.) 

2.     Look at the definition of right and label the corresponding direction. Include Definition of the direction on the lines provided

3.     Look at the definition of left and label the corresponding direction. Include Definition of the direction on the lines provided.

South:  Hebrew negeb to be parched; central, middle, mostly to sever, a bisection,  Right, right side, inner most part.   

North:  (Heb) tsaphon hidden, dark, unknown, to hide by covering over, to hoard or reserve, figuratively to deny, to protect unfavorably, to lurk. 

4.     Label South and North on the circle with the key words to describe them. 

West:  (Heb) yam to roar, a sea, as breaking as a noisy surf, a large river, an artificial basin,  shading, the idea of covering, evening shadows, to give, to be security, give pledges, mortgage, occupy,  (West has the same root as does sea.) 

East:   (Heb) In front of time, days of old, East, comes from the same root as Old  The front place or time antiquity, the fore part, relatively east, before, anciently Eastward; from quadam, to project [oneself], proceed, to anticipate, hasten, meet. 

5.     Look at the meaning of “orientation” and “east” then label the corresponding direction. Include Definition of the direction on the lines provided 

6.     There's only one remaining direction so label it West. Include Definition of the direction on the lines provided 

Drill: Read the definitions of LEFT, NORTH and WEST. What are the similarities? 

Sea:     (Heb) yam to roar, a sea, as breaking as a noisy surf, a large river, an artificial basin, shading, the idea of covering, evening shadows, to give, to be  security, give pledges, mortgage, occupy,  (West has the same root as does sea.) 

Noise:  ( STD)  [L. nausea;]  1. Loud, confused, or Senseless outcry; 2e irrelevant or meaningless data or output occurring along with desired information 3.  Rumor  or common talk, especially  Slander;  To spread as a report or rumor;  

Drill: What does WEST and SEA have to do with Maritime Law and our present system of commerce? From the viewpoint of all the people on the planet, where is the WEST?

What do you think is the meaning behind “Go West young man, Go West?” 

7.     Determine where the sea should be on your circle and draw the sea beginning from the northwest across to the southwest side of the circle making wavelike motions. 

Mountain:  Greek oros to rise or rear, a mountain as lifting itself above the plain. airo to lift, to take up or away, to raise, to keep in suspense, specifically to sail away, to weigh anchor, to expiate sin.   

 The Greek leads back to the Hebrew nacah:  to lift, accept, advance, arise, bring forth, burn, desire, erase, exalt, exact, for give, furnish, give, help, high, hold up, honorable, lofty, marry, magnify, pardon, receive, respect, spare. 

Zion, Mount:  (STD) A mountain east of Jerusalem.  Occupied in ancient times by the Jewish Temple.  Hebrew: tsiyon. Capitol, conspicuousness, guiding pillar, to parch, aridity, desert, wilderness, GK. Sion: Church, triumphant.   

Parch: deprived of natural moisture; (as water from the sea). 

Drill: Compare the definitions of MOUNTAIN and MOUNT ZION with ORIENTATION, DIRECTION, RIGHT and SOUTH. What are the similarities? 

8.     Read the definition of South (to be parched) and mountain (to rise above the plain) and compare the definitions to Zion, then determine where the land and a mountain should be on your circle. Start drawing the plain from the northwest part of the circle towards the center of the circle, then begin an upward slope to the southeast to make a mountain. 

Sun: (Heb) shemesh - to be brilliant, the east, a ray, a window 

9.     From the above definition of the sun, label the sun including the definitions. 

Moon: (Heb) yarech - Lunation, a month, NIGHT: to twist from the light

DRILL: What happens on a monthly basis in regards to;

a.       How the moon affects the sea/tides (maritime law)?

b.      Dispersing of your energy/money?

c.       A woman’s time of the month?

d.      How the “full moon” affects “lunatics?”

e.       What profession “twists from the light (understanding)? Hint: to turn, atorn, to turn homage and service to a new feudal lord. 

10.  From the above definition, label the moon including the definitions. 


            This section will become more and more important as we proceed through the courses. At this point we will only describe our current position as it relates to the various contracts attached to our artificial entities. 

11. Look at the eight divisions inside the circle. Starting from the top left side of the circle, label the center of each division going counterclockwise from 1,2,3,31/2,4,5,6,7.  Label the sun 8. 


1.      CREATOR: that which starts or originates a thought Example- God created the Heaven - thought.   

PRINCIPAL: [Definition: To take first; Chief; leading; most important; original; highest rank; authority.]  We as sovereigns irresponsibly recognized the Crown of England (IMF) as PRINCIPAL of America.  In reality, the IMF  was the Creditor of the UNITED STATES, a corporation, but NEVER you. 

2.      CREATING: thoughts of how to do something, to merge thoughts into reality by design. example - God created the heaven (thought) and the earth).      

CONTRACT:  The Creditor of the UNITED STATES designed invisible contracts to enslave the sovereign people of America.   

3.      CREATION: something that is made from thought. (example - earth, physical) 

DEBTOR:  The Creditor of the UNITED STATES implemented the invisible contracts through apparent 'color of law' and the sovereigns irresponsibly agreed.

31/2 CONFUSION: turmoil, disoriented, to disturb mentally and physically.    

DEBT:  We, as Sovereigns,  through the invisible contracts, and our irresponsibility to reject the Creditors (IMF) ideas, have voluntarily given our substance to the mythical creator of our situation 

       Draw a line through the center of the circle, from top to bottom; i.e. from East to West. This line represents a mirror. Label the line LOOK. 

            This line is a point of demarcation, a point of decision.  The Red pill or the Blue pill.  Here is where you go forward accept and be responsible or you return to the endless whirlpool of confusion. 

Mirror Drill 

            Now, go to a mirror and look into it.  Next reach into the mirror and try to comb your hair.  Can’t do it, Right?  Now try and change anything by reaching into the mirror to do so.  The object of this drill is to show you that you can’t change your world you see.  You must comb your hair on your head, you must change your world inside your mind..

4. RESPONSIBILITY: to accept ownership of that which you have created. 

Accept:  (STD)  To receive willingly; to be able or designed to take or hold; to endure without protest or reaction; to agree to undertake.

At this point, we accept the contracts the Creditor designed for us. 

Acceptance:  (STD) an agreeing either expressly or by conduct to the act or offer of  another so that a contract is concluded and the parties become legally bound; 

Power of Acceptance:  Capacity of offeree, upon acceptance of terms of offer, to create binding contract.  Blacks Law 6th edition. 

5.      CONSUME:  to waste or burn away; parish; to do away with completely.  

REDEMPTION:  To take back, to free from captivity or bondage, or from any obligation or liability by paying an equivalent, to release from blame or debt.  

To free freedom the consequences of sin, to exchange for something of value (to accept for value).  [L. redimo to buy back, from red, re back + emo to obtain or purchase.] 

6.      DIGEST;  to take into the mind or memory; to assimilate mentally. 

     DUPLICATE: to make a double or identical image of, to repeat. 

IMAGE: [L. mitari, to imitate], an imitation in solid form of a thing; exact likeness; a tangible or visible representation.   (here we duplicate all of the imaginary Creditor’s actions) 

7.      DISAPPEAR: to pass from view, creation ceases to exist:  

POWER:   the ability to maintain your position in space.  [OF to be able; L. potis, able; Goth bruthfaths, bridegroom; GK, posis, husband; SKT, Pati, MASTER.] the ability to act or produce an effect; legal or official authority, capacity, or right. 

DRILL: Label the left half of the circle:                        Label the right half of the circle:

                        PUBLIC                                                          PRIVATE

                        DEBTOR                                                         CREDITOR

NEGATIVE                                                     POSITIVE

                        APPEAR                                                         DISAPPEAR

                        PHYSICAL                                                     SPIRITUAL 

This circle is to be used as a tool to utilize the seven steps of completion of any action that is to be achieved or in the process of achieving the end goal. In this example, it will be demonstrated how we were the CREATOR of the United States and through the actions of a foreign entity, we became the DEBTOR of our own CREATION. This was achieved through the first three and one half steps of this process (CREATOR, CREATING, CREATION and CONFUSION). 

            It is now up to us to complete the remaining three and one half steps


1.      CREATOR                                                            PRINCIPAL

2.      CREATING                                                           CONTRACT

3.      CREATION                                                          DEBTOR

4.      CONFUSION/RESPONSIBILITY                        DEBT/ACCEPT

5.      CONSUME                                                           REDEEM                                                         

6.      DUPLICATE                                                         IMAGE

7.      DISAPPEAR                                                         POWER



1.                  Face the East and describe what East is using the key words as described.

2.                  Turn now to the North and describe this direction with the key words.

3.                  Turn to the West and describe this direction with the key words.

4.                  What is your focus, what are you looking at when you face West?

5.                  Turn to the South and describe this direction with the key words.

6.                  Turn to the East again. What is the difference between the East and West?

7.                  Can you go around the circle, without loosing focus of the East?

8.                  What would this mean if you did not loose your focus on your goal? 



The following are references for your benefit to give you a deeper understanding of the different subjects contained in the body of this second course.  


  Titles of Nobility 

            Anyone who has read the Original Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution thinks, mostly, that this Amendment relates to Attorneys.  This is mostly true.  However there are other far-reaching and significant meanings to the term “Titles of Nobility”.               

Title: [OF, title, L titlulus  an inscription, label, title, sign, token.] A notice put over, upon, or under anything to distinguish or explain it; That which is inscribed; a document, as a title deed or certificate;  

An appellation of dignity, distinction, or preeminence (hereditary or acquired), given to persons by virtue of rank, office, achievement, or privilege, or as a mark of respect. Title may be classified as those of : A. Sovereignty, attached to hereditary rank and office, and grouped as (1) higher- Emperor, Tsar, Kaiser, King, Sultan, Shah, Mikado (2) lower, Grand Duke, Duke, Prince. B. Nobility, attached to hereditary rank irrespective of office, and grouped as (1) Greater – Prince, Duke, Marquis, Count, Earl, Viscount, Baron; (2) Lesser – Baron, Knight, Chevalier, Ritter, Caballero, Esquire , Noble.”  Webster’s New International Dictionary 1943 

Nobility: [OF from L nobilis that can be or is known, well known, famous, highborn, noble, akin to L noscere to know] Possessing the power of transmitting by inheritance some acknowledged, pre-eminence founded on hereditary succession; of high birth or exalted rank or station, whether inherited or conferred; Quality of possessing characteristics or properties of a very high kind or order; superiority in excellence, value or the like. 


Attorn:  To turn or transfer homage and service from one Lord to another; to render homage and service to a Lord.”  Webster’s New International Dictionary 1943  

Attorney:  to transfer. to turn.  One who is appointed or admitted in the place of another to transact any business for him.”  Webster’s Consolidated Dictionary 1962. 

So, An attorney means to transfer homage and service, in our case, from the Republic of our country to the allegiance of the King of England.  In our particular case, to the private laws of the Bankers, the IMF, to whom the CORPORATE UNITED STATES owed vast sums of money; and the corporate UNITED STATES went into bankruptcy in 1930. 

American Jurisprudence defines Attorney: 

Attorney:  . . . with obligation to the courts and to the public, not to the client, and wherever the duties of his client conflict with those he owes as an officer of the court in the administration of justice, the former must yield to the later.  (emphasis added); Corpus Juris Secundum, 1980, section 4 See note. Note:  By definition, the obligations and duties of attorneys extend to the court and the "public" (government) before any mere "client."  Clients are "wards of the court" and therefore "persons of unsound mind."  See also 'client', 'wards of court' 

 All attorneys owe their allegiance, first to the Crown of England, next to the courts and then to the public and finally, to their clients.  Is it any wonder your attorney never wins a case for you?  

It is the job of attorneys to transfer all our, We The People’s, wealth and substance into the hand of the Bankruptcy for a debt We The People don’t owe.  That is their job.  That is their pledge to those whom they owe allegiance.     

BAR (acronym for British Accreditation Regency – look up each of these words) 

            Attorneys are members of the BAR.  The American Bar Association is a branch of the Bar Council, which is the sole bar association in England.  All laws, today in America, are copyrighted property British company, all state Codes are private, commercial, British-owned "law".  All attorneys follow instruction from England,   

            Attorneys are responsible for following orders from the Crown of England and drawing up the laws and Acts which brought this country into bankruptcy.  They then created Titles of Nobility in various ways through laws, Acts and Legislation.  All laws, rules and regulations for every city, county, state and National governments are actually  created by attorneys, on orders from England, in Chicago, and then sent out to the various legislators, city councils and county supervisors across the nation for enactment.  Rarely, if ever, are these laws, rules and regulations read by those who enact them.  Most of those people elected for office who enact those laws are attorneys themselves.    

The 13th Amendment/Titles of Nobility 

The Resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States and the thirteenth amendment is as follows: 

            Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, two thirds of both houses concurring, That the following section be submitted to the legislatures of the several states, which, when ratified by the legislature of three fourths of the states, shall be valid and binding, as part of the constitution of the United States.

         If any citizen of the United States shall accept , claim, receive or retain any title of Nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, King, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.  

The War of 1812 served several purposes.  It delayed the passage of the 13th Amendment by Virginia, allowed the British to destroy the evidence of the first 12 states that already ratified this Amendment, and it increased the national debt, which would coerce the Congress to reestablish the Bank Charter in 1816 after the treaty of Ghent was ratified by the Senate in 1815.   

The Articles of Confederation, Article VI states: 

 Nor shall the united States in Congress assembled, or any of them, grant any title of nobility. 

The Constitution for the united States, in Article 1, section 9, clause 7, states: 

No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the united States, and no person holding office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the Consent of Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, prince or foreign state. 

Also, Section, 10 clause 1 states: 

No state shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant letters of Marque or Reprisal; coin money; emit Bills of Credit; make anything but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto law, or law impairing the Obligation of Contracts; or grant any Title of Nobility.  

There was, however, no measurable penalty for a violation of the above sections.  Congress saw this as a great threat to the freedom of Americans, and our Republican form of government.  In January 1810, Senator Reed proposed the thirteenth Amendment, and on April 26, 1810 was passed by the Senate 26 to 1 (First session, page 670) and by the House 87 to 3 on May 1, 1810 (second session, page 2050) and submitted to the Seventeen states for ratification.    

The War of 1812 

            The original 13th Amendment prohibited Attorneys and anyone with a title of nobility to hold any public office in America. Why was this so important to the American Sovereign to have this Amendment in effect? And what advantage would the foreign bankers have on the American Sovereign if this Amendment was not in effect?

By 1812, all the states had ratified the 13th Amendment except for Virginia.  Virginia did ratify the Amendment in 1818, but AFTER the War of 1812. 

            You'll note that the War of 1812 was waged mostly in Washington, D.C.  The British burned all the repository buildings, attempting to destroy all records of the new United States in Washington, D.C.          

            Thus, the war of 1812 was partly waged to prevent the passage and enforcement of the new Thirteenth Amendment.  Most book repositories throughout the states were burned to the ground and all records destroyed.  There's a famous painting in Washington D.C. (and it can be found in many books) depicting the British boarding a ship after  they "surrendered".  The painting showed the British carrying their rifles as they mounted the gangplank.  One must ask, "What army is allowed to keep their weapons after they surrender?"  One must also ask, "Who really won that war?" 

            As a result of the accumulated debt of waging that war, a new Bank Charter was issued for another 20 years.   

The 13th Amendment was finally ratified by Virginia, the only remaining State necessary to complete ratification, after the War of 1812 and thereafter became Law.   

Now, The Rest of the Story

Of the Term “Titles of Nobility” 

             Refer back to the top for a definition of “Title”.   

             The last time we were here we went over the Hierarchy of authority, from the Sovereign man, to family, to neighborhood, to townships, to counties, to states, to country, and finally to the planet. Now that you know the hierarchy of authority that is mapped out as above, is everything running like the above line of command in today’s society? Not quite! You see, the foreign bankers knew they could not control Sovereign’s with THIS system. So they decided to design a fictional system, which "looks" like the real thing - but really is not. 

The first thing that was done was to make an entity which looked and sounded like the federal republic entitled "united States of America." Notice that the "u" in united is a small u - that's because it is an adjective, describing the States (noun) of America. What if one capitalized the "U", as in United States? This would be a name, a "title" wouldn't it? So, now we have a "title" for the republic which was incorporated in England in 1871 as an English corporation. So does this mean we are being ruled by a private foreign operated corporation – NOT a government? You said it. 

In 1944, the Buck Act took the sovereignty away from the states so that the states could also have a "title" as in "The State of Arizona." Then came the counties and municipalities - each had their own corporations which usurped the organic government. What we then had was an inverse relationship to the original organic republics. 

So, the natural hierarchy of authority is: 

Authority/body          Name                 Fiction/image                     Title/number


Sovereign                     John Doe           Birth Certificate               __________________      

Family                  John,  Jane and Billy Doe                               __________________     

Neighborhood            Areas               VOTING DISTRICTS     __________________     

Township                   Tucson            CORPORATION             __________________  

County                        Pima               CORPORATION             __________________ 

State                            Arizona           CORPORATION             __________________           

Country                       America          CORPORATION             __________________ 

Planet                           Earth               CORPORATION            __________________ 




In the blank spaces below under “Title” put in your idea of what the title might be.

Other Titles Relating to Every aspect of your Life


 Item/body       Proof of Ownership               Title/Name/Number  _________________


1. Land/Earth     Allodium                     ________________________________________


2. An Animal     Bill of Sale                  ________________________________________


3. Farm Equipment   Bill of Sale           ________________________________________


4. Vehicle            Bill of Sale                 ________________________________________


5. Home              Route/road                  ________________________________________


6. Farm/Crops    Ownership/word          ________________________________________


7. Timber            Land ownership          ________________________________________


8. Mining          Claim                            ________________________________________


9. Public Lands   People                         ________________________________________


10. Industry           Trade Name             ________________________________________


11. Produce/food   Possession                ________________________________________


12 Air                   Free                           ________________________________________


13 Water               Free                           ________________________________________


14 Actions            Free                            _______________________________________


15 Ideas                Thought                      ______________________________________


16 Gold               Gold Coin                       _____________________________________


17 STRAWMAN   UCC-1                        _____________________________________   


On March 9, 1933 – House 73rd Congress, Session I. Chapter I, page # 83, 1st paragraph, third sentence it states: “Under the new law the money  is issued  to the banks in return for Government obligations, bills of exchange, drafts, notes, trade acceptances, and banker’s acceptances.  The money will be worth 100 cents on the dollar, because it is backed by the credit of the nation.  It will represent a mortgage on all the homes and other property of all the people in the nation.”  (Emphasis added)  

18 Credit          word, IOU                        _____________________________________ 

            Here are the names of titles in the blank spaces above:       

1.      Property description and zip code.

2.      Registration

3.      Registration Serial number

4.      Certificate of Title

5.      FEMA copyrighted address and zip code

6.      Whenever a farmer finances his farm through a bank of through a farm equipment company -- say he buys a John Deere tractor for example; -- he is then tied to the banks jurisdiction and the bank dictates to him in various ways:  one, he must buy his crop seeds from one of the major seed companies.  These companies (who belong to the bankers or to Standard Oil and the like) sell only hybrid seed, which means the farmer cannot take a certain portion of his crop and save the seed for next years crops.  Hybrid seed will not grow the second year.  Plus, hybrid seed requires various fertilizers, which must be purchased from a Corporation.  They require pesticides, herbicides etc., all of which must be purchased from the companies belonging to Corporations.  Then, the government sets the prices on all products sold.  The farmer then must sell only to those same companies with different names but owned by Corporations owned by the banks etc.

7.      Timber was once on land that was privately owned or it was public lands owned by the people and held in trust FOR the People.  During this period, people who owned the land took care not to rape it.  They selectively cut the timber by choosing certain trees to be harvested during the year and left the remaining trees for the future.  Then, all the lands held in trust for the people were transferred to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and hypothecated by the UNITED STATES  to help pay the artificial debt to the International Bankers.  Large companies were formed under Standard Oil and the like, to form companies like Weyerhaeuser, National Paper, etc. who now own millions of acres of timberlands.  Because of this, these large timber companies wanted to “clear-cut” the lands, strip it clean which cause all sorts of problems such a erosion and many other harms.  It became, and is now, nearly impossible for the private people to buy such lands to harvest the timber.  The government does not sell rights to timber in small tracts such as 1,000 acres anymore.  It now goes into the millions of dollars and prohibits most small business people from entering into the bidding.  All the damage done to our forests was not the result of We The People destroying the land, as the Sierra Club wants everyone to believe, it was the huge companies that raped the land they blame on the little logger.  

8.      The same result of the timberlands, again, also applies to the mining 

9.      Public Lands are now in the hands of the BLM.  You now have to register with the BLM in order to graze cattle on Public Land.  It has nearly become so expensive to register and pay the BLM for grazing cattle that it is prohibitive. 

10.    Trademarks registered with the Patent Office and bar codes. Bar codes are the means by which the International Bankers track the elements of the world economy.

11.    When you go to the grocery, all food products are now registered by a bar code.

12.    Can you fly a plane through the air without a license?  How about a plane registration and number?  How about a radio or television station?  Can you still get air for your tires at any service station?  

13.    Who owns the water right below the ground in Arizona?  The State of Arizona.  It is becoming nearly impossible to drill a water well in Arizona.  Even when you can, you must get a permit.

14.    Can you walk where you want to walk?  When you come to a red light and there is no car in sight, if you cross against the red light and a cop sees you, what will happen?  If you’re a smoker, can you smoke where you please?  Can you fish?  Can you hunt?  Can you hike where you want?  Can you enter a National Park free?  Can you burn your barn down if you no longer wanted it?

15.    If you have an idea, you must get it patented through the patent office – to protect it. Try building a home your own design on your own property, do you need a permit?

16.    This was represented by a title called a Gold Certificate.  Now, a dollar bill is backed by another title – your credit.

17.    Before you can claim the STRAWMAN (your Title), you must file a UCC-1 Financing statement and Security Agreement with the Secretary of State of your state. But who can “represent” the STRAWMAN/Title) in a court of fictional law? Not you, of course, because you are not a fiction, and besides if you attempted to “represent” your title in a court of fiction you would be using copyrighted material called “statutes” and you could be enjoined in and charged with the same “crimes” that a fictitious Plaintiff is charging the STRAWMAN /Title with. The STRAWMAN/Title can’t speak for itself because it is a corporation. So who CAN “represent” your title in court? You said it – an ATTORNEY!

18.    Now your credit is being used, but not by you. Fictional law called “statutes” even say you can’t. Did you know your credit even has a “Title”? It actually has many Titles, namely – Federal Reserve Notes. There are many others also, including; 

a.       Federal Reserve Bills

b.      Federal Reserve Bonds

c.       Checks

d.      Bills of Exchange

e.       Trade Acceptances

f.        Sight Drafts

g.       Documentary Drafts

h.       Judgments



                                                Spiritual Numbers 

 In the Bible, the number 7 represents perfection.  We'll be using the numbers included in the Bible from time to time.  We will also include a complete paper regarding the meaning of the different numbers contained in the Bible at a later date.  But, for now, it will be mentioned that the number 7 equals perfection.   

            For example, if one goes bankrupt in his private life, how long is the bankruptcy effective?  Seven years.  Thereafter, in commercial terms you are purified, perfected and now clean.  For a nation, it is ten times seven or seventy years.   

            Now let's go back and say that the year in which the first judgment against the United States as a debtor nation occurred was in 1788.  We could have come out of the judgment 70 years later in 1858-59.  What occurred within three and half years after that period of time?  Civil War.   

            Now, if we add 70 years to 1859, we get 1929.  We now know what happened in 1929.  Then, if we add 70 years to 1929, we get 1999.   

            We were supposed to come out of Babylon captivity in 1859.  We didn't.  We were supposed to come out of captivity in 1929.  We didn't.  This is what the current Redemption program is all about.  For those of us who desire to come out of captivity, we have a window of opportunity to do so.  That's what we are doing now. 

            Let's again pause a moment in our history.  Let's say you have debts beyond your capacity to discharge, or to pay, depending on what law forum you are trying to operate in, and they are so overwhelming that you file an action in the bankruptcy court to get relief because you are in the bifurcated law forum.  There is no remedy there because you can't pay your debts, but you can get relief from them by equity, not remedy by law.   

            By Law means under the original jurisdiction.  Look up the words "Lawful" in your dictionary, "equity" and the word "legal".  Compare the difference.    

            So you go into bankruptcy court, and you petition, and after a certain amount of magic the judge awards a decree of discharge from the bankruptcy and all your debts are wiped out.   

Now you leave the courtroom after this judgment from the judge.  You get out in the hallway and the attorney for the bank, who holds an unsecured mortgage on your house and he says to you,  "Excuse me.  You still owe my fine bank client $200,000.00 on your mortgage which was discharged by the court.  When are you going to pay up?" 

You open your mouth and say, "Well, I'll try to get them a payment starting next month."  What did you just do to the debt? 

You reaffirmed the debt after the discharge, meaning that creditor must be paid in full as it applies to you, and the fact that the bankruptcy court discharged you from that liability five minutes earlier, is of no force and effect.   

All right, let's go back to our history.  Let's assume and presume that what to America in the year 1788, January 1, the United States as a government was in default to the Crown of England to the tune of 18 million Lira, plus interest, and as a direct and proximate result the U.S. corporate government was bankrupt in their private capacity from the start of the Constitution.  Then, the debt had to be paid for a period of 70 years.  After a period of 70 years, if the Bible is res judicata and stare decisis, God said America can come out of  bankruptcy with England on December 31, 1858.  And let's say as an operation of law, at that time some notice was given to the nation that might have gone something like this:  "Excuse me, do you people really want to leave Babylon and have your liberty back now, or would you prefer to maintain the Crown of England as your master and serve him faithfully?"  Or something along those lines.  Look at Leviticus 3:17, which says that if you love your master and your period of service is up, you can go to the judges, recite the fact that you love your master and you don't want to leave him, you can choose to serve him for the rest of your life, and you've just placed yourself into voluntary servitude.             

            So in the year of 1858, after December 31st, did the Crown of England, through its attorney agents, give notice to the country, "Hey, you guys want to leave Babylon and go back to original jurisdiction, or do you want to have your government remain under us?"  

            Apparently, the Southern States did not wish to remain under slavery and walked out of Congress.    

            Evidently what happened is, the people failed to give Notice of Lawful Protest, which was their acquiescent vote to remain in Babylon under the Crown of England with continuing debt, plus a reorganization of government, because now you are under a new law forum because the old law forum was entitled to liberty and freedom.  The South walked out, ending the public side of the Constitution.  The people did not protest in any manner because they were busy fighting the Civil War, therefore we had to create a new law forum that all you people volunteered into, to go on for another 70 years of captivity. 


                                    Original Jurisdiction 

You can go to several law dictionaries to look up meanings for law and legal terms.  It depends on the author and publisher as to which law forum they publish.  If you read Blacks Law Dictionary  you're going to get one opinion of one point of view.  If you're reading Bouvier's or Ballentine's you might be getting another point of view.  This is inserted here because Black's Law Dictionary first came out shortly after this new Constitution was formed in 1887. 

Black's Law Dictionary was first published in 1891.  That was 20 years, a time of prescription, after the corporate United States came into full force and effect by the Act of February 21, 1871.  What does Black's Law Dictionary define?  It defines the terms, the legal meanings of words, as they apply to the bifurcated United States Corporation.  Roughly every 20 years there has been a new edition of Black's. Because every 20 year period in use -- is in the bifurcation -- , and if  anyone failed to give a Notice of Lawful Protest, they go on to the next stage and say, "Let's change it again and see if we can go a little further, and we'll see if anybody protests this."  So as you go through the 20 year segments, 1871,1891, 1911, 1931, 1951, 1971, 1991, you get different definitions within Black's Law Dictionary.  

Remember, bifurcated means separated.  The newly incorporated United States is separated from the original jurisdiction (even separated entirely from the Constitution) of the Republic side of the Constitution.  And also remember that the original Constitution came in with the fact that it contains both the private side and public side.   

The public government can never be changed, because the public government is based upon the laws of nature and nature's God, and those laws never change.  So the general side of government, which we call Original Jurisdiction, is based on the laws of nature and nature's God and it never changes.  Could you amend the Original Jurisdiction?   What would you amend to change that which never changes?   It is an oxymoron.  So Original Jurisdiction is and always remains exactly what it is, and it never changes.  What is the law?  The law that never changes.  It is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

What is the other side, the side that is amended and does change?  That is private government.  Is the private government law"  No.  What is it?  It's the rules to determine the use and the procedure applying to the assets and the property belonging to the private corporate government.   

Just think for a minute.  Does a private owner of a business or property have the right to make his own rules, regulations and "law" for the use of his own property?  Yes, he does,  That is exactly what the statutes and the regulations and rules are, they are internal and they deal with the property and assets of the private corporate government.  

In 1871, did "We the People" fall under the jurisdiction of this private government?  No.  Only those who lived in Washington. D.C., its territories and the 14th Amendment slaves.  This did not touch "We the People".  We were still enforcing the Original Jurisdiction and had the authority to do so.   

The original private corporate government back in 1789 was established on certain principles and rules, but as we've seen, it went through a bankruptcy almost right away, and with each  stage of the bankruptcy there was reorganization.  A reorganization creates a new set of circumstances, and probably a new set of creditors or masters or rules to discharge the old bankruptcy.  Roughly every 20 years you have a re-organization, you get different changes in the rules and regulations, and it just goes on and on.  As the proprietors and creditors of that private law forum, as it goes into worse and worse bankruptcy, creates tighter and tighter rules in order to raise the revenue to keep the thing going, and that is what you see today. 

Practical Application 

1.      Write an essay on what you have learned from this course:

2.      Write an essay telling where you are

After you write out where you are, go back to page 3 and compare your answers from page 3 to what you wrote here. 

3.      Do you now know exactly where you are?

4.      Now. Do you know what the government has labeled you?   Do you know who you really are?  Find the answers in Course number Three - Responsibility. 

This information is for the purpose of education and broadening horizons ONLY. As useful as the New Beginnings courses are, they should not be taken as error-free nor as the most up-to-date process. For carrying out these procedures, we recommend professionals who have the experience and knowledge to avoid the minefields of the UCC and Courts.

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